Art courses

Tailor-Made Courses

Along with various creative interactions with experts, certain specific areas of training need more focus. To meet this end, we have specifically designed tailor-made courses, both short-and long-term, and also art workshops.

Short-Term Courses

These courses are mainly for beginners. The courses are offered in different mediums and the content is based on the participants’ age group.

Long-Term Courses

The participants get an opportunity to have detailed interaction with experts and have an in-depth understanding of the subject specially designed for them.

Art Workshops

Certain select areas of art and craft need elaborate theoretical and practical knowledge. The workshops are designed to meet this requirement.

Art Appreciation Classes

Professional training would help appreciate art in a better way. These classes help them have a better understanding of art.

Art Mentorship

At Velammal, we have dedicated professionals who can mentor and help students to chisel their artistic talent and skills, which would boost their confidence.

Portfolio Development

Your portfolio defines what you are. We have the portfolio development programme to train students to properly document and present their talent.

Foundation Courses In Art And Design

These courses have modules specially designed by experts for those who want to pursue a career in art and design.

Diploma Courses

A step further, these professionals can also pursue diploma courses with more detailed modules which would strengthen their portfolio

Bridge Course For Art Teachers

This is specially designed for art teachers who want to update their knowledge to take up more challenging assignments.

Bridge Courses For Fresh Graduates And Working Professionals

There are bridge courses for fresh graduates and working professionals to boost and sharpen their skills and confidence.

Certificate Course

For those young professionals wishing to fine-tune their skills, we have various certificate courses suiting their requirement.

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