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    Nurture kids' creativity and skills at Chitravathi Art School in Chennai

    Community and Inspiration

    Joining Art School in Chennai with us will provide good exposure to children to a community of like-minded peers and talented instructors who share their passion for art. This supportive and inspiring environment fuels creativity, encourages collaboration, and provides opportunities for artistic growth through exhibitions, workshops, and interactions with renowned artists.

    Artistic Expression

    We provide a platform for kids to express themselves artistically. By encouraging self-expression and individuality, children can use art as a powerful tool to communicate their thoughts, emotions, and experiences, fostering their personal and artistic development.

    Self-Expression and Confidence Building

    Art classes offer a platform for children to express themselves freely and confidently. By exploring different forms of self-expression, they can communicate their thoughts, emotions, and ideas visually, fostering a sense of confidence and self-assurance.Enroll your child Chirthavathi’s in art classes in Chennai.

    Skill Development

    Chirthavathi’s Chennai art school offers structured art programs designed to enhance children's artistic abilities. With expert guidance and a comprehensive curriculum, kids can learn various techniques, art principles, and artistic disciplines, laying a strong foundation for their artistic growth.

    Who are we?

    Experience the transformative power of Art Integrated Learning (AIL) at Chitravathi, Chennai’s art school. Our innovative approach goes beyond traditional education, fostering holistic growth in students. Through the seamless integration of diverse art forms like crafts, painting, and calligraphy, we ignite creativity and create a vibrant, multidimensional learning environment. Join us at the best Chennai’s art School, where your child’s artistic abilities will thrive and flourish.

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    Chitravathi drawing classes in chennai

    Who Can Join Our Drawing Classes in Chennai?

    We extend a warm welcome to children aged 9 to 17 who possess a profound love for creativity and an eagerness to explore different art forms. Irrespective of their background or proficiency, we firmly believe that every child can find delight and gain valuable insights from art. Our foremost objective is to cultivate a sense of unity and growth by providing a nurturing environment where children from diverse backgrounds can come together, learn, and enjoy themselves.

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